Field Trip: Hesston Steam Festival


Over Labor Day, we took a family outing to Hesston, Indiana, to the Hesston Steam Festival

We had visited this festival about 6 years ago, so we were due to visit again. 

My son really enjoyed seeing the cranes and steam-powered tractors and trains. 

The festival is low-key and low cost. What's big about it is the noise - lots of steam engines blowing whistles - and the big machines themselves. They have 3 different sizes/gauges of trains to ride. They have a working steam-powered saw mill and plenty of local people with a passion for steam engines and a willingness to share their passion.

The family, minus this very pregnant mama, enjoyed a 30-minute train ride (after a nearly 1 hour wait).

Yeah for inexpensive, educational field trip opportunities that are also fairly close to home!


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