Toddler Girl at 20 Months


 My toddler girl has now passed the 20 month mark. She is such a smiley happy child. She has her moments of difficulty, but generally has a very cheerful disposition.

She loves books. She doesn't sit still for long without going to get a book to look at. Here she's about to give Dad a high-five. The two of them read a few books together each night before bed.

She is speaking so clearly now, parroting so much of what we say at home. She tries to sing the ABC song and gets about half of the sounds and the whole tune right. Her "yes" has turned into a quick "ya" now to answer most questions. She can count to 10, with a little help. It's truly incredible to watch how quickly a toddler picks things up!

This girl has always loved dogs. She often sees our neighbor's dog Lola. Now she counts Lola as one of our family when she names us all. 

She likes to brush her teeth regularly now, like the big people do. Her favorite things include playing with water, going on walks in the stroller or playing in the yard with big brother and sister. She likes to drink juice and chocolate milk, which is a rare treat. She likes to listen to music and will often start dancing around the living room when it plays. 

I'm sure she'll "grow up" a bit more in the next month or so when our new baby arrives. Her world is about to change, but she's ready for it! We love you, Little Lady!


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