Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks Along

This week I've felt baby hiccups for the first time. They've probably been there before but I haven't noticed them until now. 

At my last midwife visit they confirmed that baby is head-down and it's very unlikely that baby will move from that position from here on out. 

I've been experiencing a lot of heartburn and indigestion. The old wives' tale says that means a baby with lots of hair. My babies do tend to have a lot of dark hair, so that is likely to be the case whether or not I have heartburn. 

We had cooler, fall-like weather this past week, which provided many opportunities to take walks outside. I had also been feeling very hot, so the cooler temps meant less fan and a/c use in the house, which was also a nice reprieve. 

I packed my hospital bag essentials this week. I need to put a few more items in, but the main things are ready to go.

Turning the calendar to September means that Baby Inkling's arrival is growing ever closer. 
Just a few weeks now.
I think I may be ready.  


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