Triple Birthday Bash


This time of year, it is our tradition to hold a Triple Birthday Bash to celebrate the 3 summer birthdays in our family (of my hubby, my daughter and me). 

It was a lot of work to pull this off this year and I'm not sure I'd try it again being this pregnant. But it did go well. We've only skipped doing the Birthday Bash once and I regretted it after the fact, so I am glad that we hosted it this year.

Our neighbors joined us, which was nice. This is Liz and her dog Lola. My kids love Liz as a babysitter and my daughter dog-sits for Lola on occasion. Lola was wearing a party dress for the occasion. 

We tried a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for the first time ever. It was a hit with everyone!

Here is my oldest daughter opening some gifts. She is really into house layouts and floor plans these days, so she was super excited about a re-usable sticker planner she received.

She received lots of nice gifts - a hula hoop, a big bouncy ball for outside, a nice organizer for her room, nail polish, 2 alarm clocks, a body pillow, and that's just what I can recall. She is well loved!

Fun times and memories in the making!

Happy Birthday, Babe!
Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter! 
Happy Birthday to me!


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