Toddler Girl at 19 Months


This toddler is growing and growing. 
She's now surpassed the 19-month mark.

Her hair is growing out. We've not cut it yet. The back tends to be tangled now, making it hard to comb out each morning. 

She is fascinated with watching the bread machine work. So cute as she peeks in the little window.

She loves to eat with her own spoon and fork. We may soon move her from the high chair to a booster seat at the big table. 

She just wants to do anything that big brother and sister do. Big playground equipment at the park, running around the yard, playing in the sprinkler, wrestling on the floor, pillow fights. You name it... if they are doing it, she wants to be doing it too.

That includes things she doesn't understand at all. When brother was asked to stand at the wall for a few minutes as a time out, her compassionate heart led her to stand at the wall with him. She loves him. 

Her vocabulary is growing daily. Some of her favorite words these days are "airplane" and "flip flops." She loves to distinguish between "big" and "little" items. She enjoys dancing to music, spinning in circles around the living room until she drops. 

She is such a sweet girl. She points to my belly and says "baby" but certainly her understanding of a new baby coming our way is limited. Life will change drastically in the next month or so. I'm trying to enjoy these moments with her while at the same time pull away a little to make the adjustment easier. It's a difficult balance. 

We love you, Little Lady!


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