Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. The end of July already. The time goes quickly, which is why I regularly try to grab some shots of everyday life as it happens. Here are few photos from the last week or so. 

A silly shot of our garden veggies. Our cucumbers this year are LONG. They look more like zucchini than cukes, but they make great horns!

A picture from more than week ago that never got shared. Daddy-daughter hugs. 

A shot of me with some of our beautiful lilies in the backyard.

I've never mentioned this before but my husband is AMAZING at making homemade pizza. He has perfected his own recipe and we very much enjoy it every time he makes pizza. This week he decided to stick some chunks of ham along the crust of the pizza (a little trick making the kids more likely to eat their crusts). Yum, yum, yum!

Always melts my heart to see Daddy reading to our little boy. We love books and we love reading together.

Here's my daughter doing some Chinese calligraphy as part of our 5th grade schooling with Sonlight. This was a fun side project she worked on as she's currently studying the country of China. 

Happy Friday to you!


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