Pregnancy - 21 Weeks


21 Weeks Along

I'm starting to feel big. It was around this stage of my last term pregnancy that the baby started to be extra-large, so I am curious to see if this pregnancy follows that pattern. My now almost 6-year-old son was over 11 pound at birth, so we'll see if this is another big baby or more normal size (as my first baby was at 7 lbs 13 oz). I'm not trying to outdo myself... but there was nothing I could've done differently last time around nor anything I can specifically do this time around to avoid a big baby. At this point, I do not have gestational diabetes and I'm not eating too much or gaining weight too quickly. We'll see how things progress.

The baby's movements are feeling stronger. Strong enough, in fact, that Daddy could feel them now. Baby Flutter is active at night, when I go to bed. Or maybe that's just when I am relaxed enough to feel notice the movements. But each movement is confirmation to me that Flutter is doing well. 

We love you, Baby!


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