Good-bye to Grandma

Early this morning my husband's Grandma Hart passed away. We knew last night that she was failing, so we gathered around her bedside to pray and sing hymns. 

Grandma Hart had lived with my husband's parents for 5 years. For the last 3 years she's been bed-bound. 

This picture was probably taken 15-20 years ago, Grandma Hart and her second husband.

This picture was from my daughter's birthday party in 2006, where 4 of her 5 living grandmas were present. Grandma Hart is on the left.

And here was Grandma Hart with my son in 2009, probably one of the last times she was able to get out of the house.

We love you, Grandma Hart! And because you love Jesus, we know that you are rejoicing in heaven with Him. 
We'll see you again soon!


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