Pregnancy - 17 Weeks


17 Weeks Along

That means I'm at the end of the 4th month - yeah!

Morning sickness is pretty much gone. I think I had just one instance this week with gagging and I can go in our basement again without problems (the musty smell used to be a big problem, a month or so ago).

This was my first full week in maternity clothes. The rounding belly is making this pregnancy feel more like reality now. 

According to the books, my womb is about the size of a small melon at this stage and the baby is about the size of an avocado. When making the rounds at bedtime, my daughter now includes a "good night" for Baby Flutter. And she sometimes looks at my belly and just says "Grow, baby, grow!"

I have a check-up with my midwife in the next few days.


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