Works for Me Wednesday - Mailbox Club Bible Lessons


A few years ago we heard about Child Evangelism Fellowship's Mailbox Club. They have Bible lessons they mail to children. The children read the lesson and do a worksheet, which they mail back to the Mailbox Club. Volunteers "grade" the worksheet and send it back with another lesson for the child.

Membership is completely free. It used to cost one stamp per lesson, to mail it back, but now the return envelope is postage-paid so there is truly no cost involved.

Check them out or sign up online here.

After completing her first level, my daughter was mailed a completion certificate and a free music CD. After completing her second level recently, she received a completion certificate and a beautiful black Bible with her name engraved on the cover! She was VERY excited about that gift.

We incorporate the mailbox club lessons with our homeschool, but they certainly don't have to be considered "school." They usually contain a Bible story, a memory verse, a modern-day short story focusing on the scripture verse and a one-page worksheet. My daughter always looks forward to getting these lessons (what kid doesn't love getting mail of their own!)

I trust what my daughter learns through the Mailbox Club. She loves it. It's free. There are rewards for completing lessons.

What isn't to love about the Mailbox Club?

It works for me!


familymgrkendra said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing this! I have been looking for something for my boys to do and this will "fit the bill"!!

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