Deals Around Town


Here are a few things I've picked up recently for free.

I purchased this book - The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
- from for my daughter. It was completely free (including shipping) using Swagbucks gift cards I'd earned.

These two items were free at Kroger this week. I had a coupon for a completely free candy bar and a $5 off coupon for a Schick Quattro razor (these retail at more than $6 but were on sale for $5 making them completely free after the coupon).

2 packages of Skinny Cow chocolate candy and 1 package of CVS brand bandages. These items were free at CVS, thanks to rain checks (ALWAYS get a rain check at CVS for items that are out of stock. This happens often at my local CVS stores. If the store regularly carries the item, they will give a rain check for the sale/deal so you can use it later when the item is back in stock. Rain checks NEVER expire, so hold on to them and pair them with a coupon in the future to get a great deal).

This was a mailbox freebie - a free sample I'd signed up online to receive that arrived this week. Free sample mouthwash, dental floss, and coupons.

We also were given a watermelon and a few dozen ears of sweet corn recently... at no cost to us.

Enjoyed anything free lately?


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