Family Photo Friday


It's Friday once again. The weeks are flying by.
As usual, I'm sharing some photos today.

I found this squirrel on the birdhouse to be humorous. My husband and kids built this birdhouse for me for Mother's Day this year. I'm not sure if any birds used it, but this squirrel was enjoying it as a perch.

We enjoyed a "Kids Fun Day" this week, letting our kids decide what we should do for the day. We spent some time at Kids Kingdom - an over-sized playground/park area nearby. Here they are "driving" a car there.

The other big thing we enjoyed on "Kids Fun Day" was a fishing trip. Here is a look down the pier. It was a gorgeous day, although a bit on the cool side. We didn't catch anything, but a successful fishing trip for us is more about enjoying ourselves than about walking away with fish. The kids had a blast.

Near our fishing pier was a water pump. The kids tried and tried to get some water out of it. My son here was completely hanging on the lever to inch it downward. These kids are truly fascinated by almost anything, filled to the brim with curiosity.

Happy Friday to you!


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