Children's Reading List: The Borrowers


I first saw The Borrowers on a children's book list a few weeks ago and was intrigued. I am glad I checked it out from the library and gave it a chance - I very much enjoyed this book. I read it myself, as I like to do with many books, prior to letting my daughter read them (or her and I reading aloud together).

The premise of the book is simple. There is a miniature world of little people, who call themselves Borrowers, who live under the floorboards of human homes. They use postage stamps as paintings and matchboxes as storage drawers. They are discovered by a boy who befriends them and brings them dollhouse furniture for their home. Eventually the adults in the home discover the Borrowers and try to exterminate them, but the boy comes to their rescue by helping them escape.

This is a classic book that is still worth reading and sharing.

Two thumbs up for The Borrowers.


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