Miscarriage: Another Baby in Heaven

This is another one of those posts I wish I never had to write. 

Yesterday, I miscarried our baby, at 9 and 1/2 weeks. 

This baby was a son named Isaac. 

He now joins his brother Grant David and his sister Hope in heaven

When we told our 4-year-old son the news that our baby was now in heaven, he said "Now he can dance! Now he can talk with his friends there!" 

Some other friends were praying for us yesterday and their little girl said "That thunder we are hearing? They're having a bowling party in heaven for that new baby that's there, aren't they?"     

 I know heaven is real. I just never knew my heart could be so torn between heaven and earth. 

I'm sure I'll be writing more in the next days and weeks about the topic of miscarriage and answer questions of how we're doing. 

For now, I thank you for praying for us. Please continue. Our hearts are breaking and my mind remains in disbelief. Three babies lost in 16 months time - who can endure it?! Only by the grace and strength of God will we carry on
Thanks for praying, friends.   


marineof2 said...

My sympathy and continued prayers for you Shannon! :(

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