Fall Round-Up


 Some good friends invited us to a Fall Round Up over the weekend. This was an event hosted by their church and it was a very fun idea! 

The invitation read: 
Round up your neighbors and your kin
and head out for some down home fun!
There'll be: 
grub eatin'
music playin'
square dancin'
toe tappin'
wagon ridin'
horseshoe pitchin'
corn holin'
quick-draw shootin'
youngins laughin'
and cider sippin'

 Of course, the kids enjoyed all there was to see and do.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into a few folks from my past at this event. There was a couple there who had allowed me to live in their home for 3 months when I first moved to South Bend from Wisconsin, back in 1997. There was also a former camp director there, whom I knew from my days at Camp Ray Bird in the late 1990s.

I'm thankful for good old fall fun!


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