Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. It's the last Friday of October. 
2012 is winding down! 

Anyway, on this blog, Friday's arrival means the posting of photos.  

Here's my son with a bubble beard. He had so much fun putting this on and then using a tub toy as a razor to shave it back off. Fun in the tub.

My kids have been using couch cushions as horses this week. Never a dull moment, I say. Here's my son with his horse "Ready.

 And my daughter with her horse "Chelsey." My son rides bare back while my girl has a saddle, a blanket, reigns and at one point a nose bag for her horse as well. 

A friend had a birthday party at a roller skating rink recently. The kids enjoyed skating for the 2nd time ever.

My husband took my son out on the rink. Good memories for everyone.  

Happy Friday to you!  


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