My Boy Starts School!


My boy is 4 and won't be 5 until next winter. He's a ways from being ready for Kindergarten, but he is old enough to want to "do school" with his big sister.

So recently, he started school!

Daily we do a few puzzles together. We talk about the alphabet and work on letter sounds and recognition.

I had downloaded Funnix, which teaches pre-reading skills through an interactive computer program. This program was offered free a few months ago, so I got it for nothing and have now pulled it out to start using with my son, once or twice a week.

I also purchased some fun preschool manipulatives for my son, through My Father's World. When these arrived, he had his own "box day" and ooh-ed and aah-ed over everything. I allowed him to open one box of items, with which he promptly built a 5-foot long "shooter." Yes, he is all boy!

One thing he is quite excited about is the music CD that came with his box. Big sister has been memorizing Scripture through music throughout 3rd grade. All 3 of us - big sister, little brother and myself - have memorized about a dozen passages of Scripture so far this year, thanks to the music CD that came as part of her 3rd grade curriculum. So, little brother has naturally assumed that part of school is listening to music and singing along. He is super excited to have his own CD now, to teach him (and all of us) some new songs and verses.
Setting anything to music makes it SO much easier to memorize!

School is in session!


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