This Life and the Next


Here's another wonderful Francis Chan video. It's only 4 minutes but it makes a point that I think about every day, especially after losing my 2 babies through miscarriage. Heaven is my comfort, knowing that this life - the little red part on the rope - is so miniscule by comparison to heaven, eternity, timeless living forever and ever.

We are like grass. We wither and die. Life is fleeting. Life is short. Even if we live to be 100, it's a vapor, a breath, and we're gone. Whatever trials and troubles we face here are momentary, temporary, and light when seen in their proper perspective.

How I long for that world to come! How I long for my faith to be made sight! How I am challenged to live each day that I have here on earth to the fullest - not for my comfort, not for myself, but for God, for His glory, for His will in my life. I certainly don't do it perfectly but I strive for what He has for me, both in this life and in the next.

None of us are promised tomorrow. Are you ready to meet the Lord when you cross that line, from the red part to the rest of eternity forever and ever? You don't have to be afraid. You can have peace and you can rest in God's goodness. Unsure? Read the Bible for yourself and discover the love He has for you and His desire to spend eternity with you.


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