Family Photo Friday


How can it be the middle of February already!? Another week has flown by. Here's a sneak peek at our week.

Here's my son, our pet bird and one of my son's toys that is placed on top of the bird cage to see how the bird would react. Yes, this is a favorite past-time for my little man. I think he's trying to scare her. He thinks she is having fun looking at all the toys he brings her way. Uh-huh.

Here are my kids reading books on the couch. This is honestly one of my favorite things to see when I walk into the room - both kids, quietly reading books, looking so cozy with their blankets. I can't help but smile! Sometimes our living room is scattered with dozens of books by the end of the day and *sometimes* I find myself frustrated as I pick them all up and return them to the shelf. But in those rare moments when I keep things in proper perspective, I thank God that my children love to spend their time reading books. What a blessing!

Happy Friday to you!


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