Book Review: Duggars and A Love that Multiplies


I recently read two books by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: 20 and Counting and A Love That Multiplies.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Duggar family. Personally, I've never seen their TV show and knew very little about them before reading these books. I was impressed by how open and honest they were in both books about their life, their faith, their struggles. I suppose there is little left to hide when you host a reality TV show in your home! I found that candor to be refreshing and encouraging. I can honestly say that many of the tips and tricks the Duggars have learned as parents were worth noting.

One of the goals my husband and I are working on this year is to hold the Word of God higher in our family. That is, we are being more intentional about studying God's Word together as a family and also in bringing it to bear more on the decisions we make, including parenting decisions. The Duggars are great examples in this way, valuing family Bible study and memorizing Scripture together and looking for ways to apply God's Word to daily life.

I am also challenged by Michelle's gentle tone. Since reading the books, I have checked out a few short videos from their show. For Christmas I also received a one-hour video called "Tea with Michelle Duggar" which I recently viewed. She has such a soft, sweet voice and she notes in the books her challenge to keep her voice calm and quiet all day long, never to raise her voice in anger. For over a month now, this has been a path God has had me on - working to maintain a quieter voice with my children. Although I haven't done so perfectly, I can already see a difference in the way my children are responding to me when I stay calm, with a gentle voice, even during times of stress or anger. And not only do they respond better, but I feel better about myself (no guilt) and about the example I'm setting for them.

I enjoyed the wonderful stories throughout the book of how God showed up at just the right moment to provide or to encourage or to guide the Duggars. The books include dozens of these true stories that encourage me to pray and to expect that God will move on my behalf.

If you are looking for an easy-to-read book with a good mixture of practical advice and faith and humor and even recipes... enjoy getting to know the Duggars!

PS: Of course you can also learn more at the Duggar family website here.


One Blessed Mom said...

I hope to read these books soon:) Thanks for the review. I LOVE the Duggar show.

Pamm said...

God has spoken to me about using a quieter, more gentle voice with my kids many times. One year, I gave up yelling for Lent! I know that when I make an effort to remain patient and not raise my voice, the whole house seems to be less chaotic. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom who has to work on this!

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