Children's Reading List: American Girl Kit and Lapbook


Kit. 1934. The era of Shirley Temple, typewriters, and the Great Depression. Having read all of the American Girl books in chronological order has led to some fascinating discussions with my daughter about how much has changed and what things have stayed the same. Reading about Kit from 1934, there are many things in Kit's life that are much like our lives today. Cars. School. Newspapers. Electricity. In that way, 1934 doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Talking about the Great Depression was also timely, as we compared and contrasted that with current economic woes in America.

As we've done with all of the other American Girls before Kit, we made a lapbook detailing her story. All of the materials we used for the lapbook can be found for free here.My daughter drew a picture of Kit for the cover of her lapbook. Here my daughter shows page 1 of the lapbook, with mini-books about Who is Kit, Mother, Father, Best Friend, Kit's World, Kit's Pet Dog Grace, and Life in 1934.
Here is page 2 of the lapbook, with tabs detailing more of Life in 1934, Conflict for Kit, What Changes Kit's Life, a few of Kit's favorite things, and a map showing where Kit lived (Ohio).

We've already requested the books for the next girl - Molly - from the library. After Molly, there is just one more girl left! Yeah!


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