My Daughter's Pottery Wheel


My daughter received a pottery wheel for Christmas. We've only used it once so far, but boy did she love it! [For Mom, on the other hand, it took 30+ minutes to clean it up afterwards, so it's far from a favorite in Mom's eyes. But for nearly 2 hours of crafting fun, maybe the clean up time is worth it]

The pottery wheel came with tools to help shape the clay or etch it with fancy designs. However, my daughter really liked free-style where she didn't use the tools but just used her hands to shape it. She made a cup, a plate, a pot, and just kept remolding the same clay over and over many times.

I think it was this Mr. Rogers episode that inspired her free-style pottery technique.

I predict there will be more pottery being created at our house in the future!


Bitterroot Mama said...

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