Family Photo Friday


It's Friday! Another month is coming to an end. So hard to believe!
Here are a few photos from our week.

My daughter is a Girl Scout, so it's cookie selling time. We've had to buy a few boxes, so she could sample the cookies, of course. [Sorry for the poor quality of the photo] Here the kids were giving thumbs-up to the Carmel deLites, which are our favorite of the 3 kinds we've tried so far. This makes me wonder if a high percentage of Girl Scout families themselves make up most of the cookie sales. My daughter did some sponge painting this week with a kit she received for Christmas. I've been trying to include some craft time in our homeschool schedule so she can do fun projects like this.

My son played with an alphabet puzzle. I let him do it his way, which turned the puzzle into a road complete with a bulldozer to drive on it. He's all boy... but he's learning his letters so I'm not complaining!

Happy Friday to you!


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