Children's Reading List: American Girl Samantha and Lapbook


My daughter has finished reading about American Girl Samantha, who lived in 1904.

Way back when I was a girl, Samantha was my favorite American Girl. At that time, there were only 3 (as opposed to the 9 or 10 they have now, and are always adding more). I thought Samantha was very pretty and rich and I thought the Victorian era was so beautiful and idyllic. I remember reading a few of the Samantha books back then. Fast forward 20-some years and now my daughter is enjoying those same books, which is wonderful (and also makes me feel old).

As we've done with all of the American Girls we've studied so far, we made a lapbook to highlight Samantha's story and life. All of our lapbooking templates can be found for free here.

Here's my daughter showing the cover of her Samantha lapbook - a drawing she made of Samantha in her fancy house.
Here's page one, with flaps for: Who is Samantha, Samantha's World, Living in 1904, a house from her era, and Fashion.

Here's page two, with mini-books showing: favorite things, favorite pastimes, what changes in Samantha's life, conflict, and a map showing where Samantha lived (New York).

Only 4 more American Girls to study (Rebecca, Kit, Molly, and Julie). My daughter is earning a trip to Chicago to the American Girl store by reading through these books chronologically. Looks like she'll have earned that trip in a month or so, if she continues at this pace!


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