Family Photo Friday


We made it to Friday once again. And November is more than half over! It is precisely because time passes way too quickly that we had some portraits taken of our kids this week. Here are a few favorite shots.

I love my daughter's smile in this first picture - just looks very genuine to me.

And here's my son's big cheesy grin!

A fun kiss on the cheek pose.

Can't help but smile to see a nose-to-nose shot... and the faces these two were making at each other!

Now a few "regular" snapshots from our week. My daughter had her friend Regan over for the day last Saturday. It was quite pleasant outside, so they rode bikes and scooters and played other outside games some of the time.

I spent quite a few hours sorting through clothes this week. I am proud of myself for whittling down 18 boxes of children's clothes to just 5 boxes left to keep at my house. The rest is gone to Goodwill or our church's clothing/food pantry. It feels good to clean house! My daughter wanted to stack the empty boxes ceiling high and pose with them. Such a silly goose!

Happy Friday to one and all!


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Those are great pictures!!!

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