Children's Reading List: American Girl Kirsten and Lapbook


My daughter is rapidly working through the American Girl books and this week finished reading about the 4th girl, Kirsten, who lived in 1854 during America's frontier days. The Kirsten books reminded me a lot of the Little House on the Prairie books, which my daughter has read before. So she is quite familiar with the covered wagon era.

In the first book, Kirsten's family immigrated to America from Sweden and they included some of the stories about the boat ride over. I have ancestors from Sweden and Norway, so I found that to be interesting. I told my daughter that it's possible that Kirsten's life and was similar to the lives of her great-great-great-great grandparents. That's really neat to think about.

My daughter made a lapbook for Kirsten, as she's done for the other American Girls. All of the lapbook materials we use can be found here, for free.

Here she is with the cover - a picture of Kirsten that she drew.

Here's page 1 of the lapbook, showing mini-books about Kirsten's World, her mother, her father, conflict, fashion and 4 interesting facts about life in 1854.

And here is page 2, showing hobbies, pets, best friend, favorite things, what changes in Kirsten's life and a map of where Kirsten lived (Minnesota).

The pictures of Kirsten often show her with her long hair in pigtail braids, wound into circles. My daughter thought we should try this with her hair, so we did. She liked it and slept with it that way, leaving her usually straight hair very wavy the next day.

Four American Girls down and she's moving on. There's no slowing this girl down when it comes to reading!


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