Black Friday Deals


I don't "do" Black Friday. I don't wait in lines or go shopping at midnight.

But I do shop at CVS and their "Black Friday" deals always start on Thanksgiving Day. I usually head out early on Thursday morning to see what freebies I can snag.

Here's what I was able to get this year: 4 packages of M&Ms, 2 King Size Hershey bars, a bottle of LA Looks hair gel, a box of Cool Touch Kleenex, a package of Carmex, a package of Breathe Right strips, a 90-count package of Dental Flossers, a 4-pack of batteries, a Balance bar, a package of Sheets energy strips, a package of Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets, a box of toothpaste, a box of Fiber One brownies, a 2-pack of toothbrushes, a pack of Advil PM, a pack of regular Advil, a pack of Listerine breath strips, a bottle of Excedrin, a box of Cepacol throat lozenges, a package of Benefiber drink mix, and some lip gloss. All of that is in the picture.

One item NOT in the picture is a $19.99 Christmas gift. (because my daughter often looks at my blog and I don't want to ruin her surprise)

How much did I pay for all of those items and the gift?

Go ahead and guess.


It's true. For $5 out-of-pocket, I got the $20 Christmas gift and all of the items in the picture. How? I paired coupons with their sales and their rewards bucks (called ECBs - Extra Care Bucks - like a CVS gift card to use on future purchases).

I consider my freebies to be a few more reasons why I continue to shop at CVS.


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