Deals Around Town


Here are a few deals I've found lately.

Each item in this picture was under $1 thanks to sale prices and coupons at my local Kroger. The toothbrushes were 25 cents each. The gum was 19 cents per package. The cans of pineapple were around 70 cents each. The small cans of baked beans were around 30 cents each.

These items were all free at Kroger, thanks to coupons and sales. Savings of about $12.

And these items were free at CVS last week, thanks to coupons and sale prices and Extra Care Bucks (like a gift card to use only at CVS). Savings of about $6.

I like getting things for free. A few dollars saved on these items means those dollars can go elsewhere - to savings, or to buy more groceries to give to a food pantry, etc.

Here's to stretching those hard-earned dollars!


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