Works for Me Wednesday - 4H Projects for Kids


With spring just arriving on the scene, it's hard to think ahead to the dog days of summer and the local 4H County Fair. But now is the time to be thinking of it, if you want your kids to participate. Both my kids are too young to be full-fledged 4Hers, but that doesn't mean they can't participate.

"Clover Buds" is for children age 3 to 5. To sign your child up costs very little ($2 is the price here in Indiana) and they are then able to choose a 4H project from a short list of very simple ideas (painted rocks, coloring a picture, etc). This will be my son's first year submitting a project, as a Clover Bud. He's 3.

"Mini 4H" is for children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Again, the cost is minimal and the children are able to choose from a longer list of projects that are geared to this age group (collections, model car or airplane kits, other hobby projects). This will be my daughter's 4th year submitting a project, even though she's only in 2nd grade.

Not only is your child able to submit a project (and earn a ribbon), but you will receive free passes to get into the 4H County Fair.

To get in on this, most 4H chapters require registration within the next few weeks. Here is the link to find your local 4H chapter's contact information.

Lots of fun. Good for the kids. Easy on the pocketbook. It works for me!

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