Family Photo Friday


It's Friday! This was a week that flew by, because we kept very busy. We had a surprise overnight house guest one night. We watched our little buddy Eli for 3 days this week (only 1 of which was pre-planned) and watched a 10-year-old neighbor boy one day while he was off of school. It was a week full of hospitality!

As is my Friday custom, I will share a few photos from our week.
Here is my daughter, reading to Eli. He's very much on the go, but he did stop for a few minutes to look at a touch-and-feel book with her.

This is my son sitting with our neighbor Sarah. He loves books... and he loves Sarah!
Here's my boy with a proud smile, after folding all of the dishrags laid in a row behind him. I taught him how to do it and he finished all 7 of them. Already at age 3, he's picked up a number of chores that my daughter does. I've had to come up with new ones for her!

A rare shot of me cuddling with my kids. Precious moments indeed.

March is half through... how have you spent the time you've been given? Wisely, I hope. Invest your time in someone else today!

Happy Friday to you!


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