Family Photo Friday


After what seemed like the longest week in history to me, Friday has arrived! We've been battling sickness all week long (and still are) so very little happened this week that was productive. We homeschooled one day and I did bake a few batches of Christmas goodies one day. Otherwise, it's been a week of resting, laying low and general ugh-ness.

We watched Eli 3 days this week. One day we decided he might like a slow ride in the laundry basket, courtesy of my daughter. Indeed he loved it!

Then my son hopped in too (careful not to sit on Eli) and I grabbed a picture before it got too crazy (and filled with toys) and the basket needed to go away.

We had our adopted grandparents Greg and Ruth over for a meal last weekend. Good conversation, time to reconnect and lots of fun for our kids. We love these guys! This is Ruth with big hugs for my daughter.

Here's Greg reading a book with my little guy.

And here's Ruth playing with lincoln logs with my son. Fun times for everyone!

We're looking forward to a weekend with very little going on. We need to kick this sickness once and for all! Say a prayer for healing for us, if you think of it.

Happy weekend to all!


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