Last weekend we decided to do some rearranging in my son's room. The plan was to make just one change, but one thing led to another and we ended up making major changes.

The toddler bed came out and a huge futon / loft bed went in. My son is now sleeping on the futon bed consistently. He loves it.

The crib was also still in the room previously. That is now out also, leaving more space for a reading corner and play area.

The beds we removed were moved to our "blue room" - our spare room that is waiting for a foster child or two to arrive. It now has room for 6 - three twin beds, a trundle bed (hidden under one of the twins), a toddler bed and a crib. We have been blessed with many beds... and this just weeks after we put "our need" for beds out there amongst family and friends. My daughter was counting it up and we have beds for 17 people in our house right now (as long as 3 of them are babies). I don't EVER anticipate needing room for 17, but yes, we are ready for guests! :-)


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