"Fly on the Wall" Parenting

For years I have wondered what it would be like to be a "fly on the wall" in the another family's home, to see how they live their life and especially how they interact with their kids. I often feel like a bit of a failure as a mom and am always wondering if I could do things better as far as discipline, as far as connecting with my kids, etc.

During our trip to California back in May, I had a "fly on the wall" opportunity. And I took full advantage of it!

While in California, we spent a few nights at a wonderful hotel. Then we spent the last few nights at the home of our friends - John and Kate. They have 2 little girls - Abigail (in picture above) who is 3, just a few months older than our little guy, and Hannah who just turned 1.

Watching John and Kate parent their kids was a pleasure. And since we didn't have our kids with us, I was able to observe them without being distracted. I marveled at their parenting skills! They showed such patience! They had such grace with the kids. They were consistent... and they stayed calm in the face of it all. I struggle with all of these areas, so I was taking mental notes on what I was seeing and figuring out how to incorporate what I was seeing into my parenting when I returned home.

I loved how God gave me that opportunity and then used it to encourage me. Seeing someone model the behavior I was striving for what exactly what I needed (reading about it is one thing, but seeing it put into practice is a whole new dimension). Now when I'm struggling, I can remember the example set before and know that IT CAN BE DONE! I can keep calm. I can be consistent for the 847th time... and the 848th too! I can be patient. I can show my kids grace under pressure.

Thank you, John and Kate. And thank You, Father God, for the opportunity and the growth in my life - both of which are gifts from you. Thank You too, Lord, for my children. Help me to treasure them as the gems they are and to parent them in Your ways. In Jesus' name, Amen!


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