Works for Me Wednesday - Scratch and Dent

Last week our fridge (which is over 20 years old... came with our house) started making strange noises. This came a few weeks after the freezer portion gave out - making a puddle of water on the kitchen floor to be discovered one Sunday morning. We decided to go refrigerator shopping BEFORE it died completely. Last Saturday we went to a local appliance store that carries new items of the "scratch and dent" variety.

We found a wonderful fridge that still cost a pretty penny but was hundreds (maybe even thousands) less than any other option for the same fridge. The only flaw is a dent on the side, which is hidden when the fridge is between the cabinets.

Scratch and dent appliances - they work for me!


Veggiemomof2 said...

Yes they do! My brother is an asst manager for Maytag & over 4 months, we got all new, but dented appliances for our kitchen for a fraction of the cost!

'Becca said...

Yes! Another way to get a bargain is to buy a slightly used appliance from a large institution (like an assisted living facility) that replaces all of theirs at once. We got a refrigerator this way that was only 2 years old, half the price of new, but worked perfectly for 6 years until we sold it--and got half what we paid for it.

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