Works for Me Wednesday: Card Displays

Each year we find a way to visually display all of our Christmas cards, pictures and letters. I think these are just too precious to leave sitting in a basket somewhere, never to be looked at again except when it comes time to toss them. So here is what we did this year, using a doorway.And here is a previous year's "wall" of cards. We just start in the middle and keep expanding out and up and down as we receive more cards.

When Christmas is done, we have a unique idea that keeps that holiday cheer going on a little longer. We remove one card or letter per day, re-read it and then pray for the family the card is from during that day. This keeps us thinking of family and friends well into the new year and is a tangible reminder of our obligation and privilege to pray for others.

It works for me!


Eos Mom said...

Great idea, especially removing one day by day and praying for them, I'll have to try that.

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