Tuesday Time Out

It's Tuesday. We made it through a few very busy days and still have a few more very busy days to go. The to-do list looms large. But in the middle of it all, I've been more and more conscious of the need to be "all there" for my kids, to be real with them and actually engaged with them. It is easy to just sit at the computer while they play and only half-hear what they are saying, even questions directed towards me. It's easy to be busy cooking, cleaning, whatever... and not really be engaged with the other people in the room. For some reason this issue has come to the forefront of my mind lately and I'm working on spending more "quality" time with my kids, looking them in the eye, really listening to what they have to say, tuning in to them and tuning out the distractions. Easy? No way. But worth it? Absolutely!

The to-do list doesn't go away and still requires my attention. But it's a lower priority than people in my life.

Today we were running errands to the bank, post office, etc. While out for only 1 hour, we saw 2 separate hearses and funeral processions. Made me think again of the fragility of life and about priorities. Souls will last. Everything else will pass away. In those terms, it's easy to see where we should invest ourselves, our time, our energy.

I'm off to do just that! :-)


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