2009 - The Year in Photos

Our story may be unique, I know. But 2009 was a great year for us. A year of changes, a year of growth, a year of faithfulness. Here is a pictorial review of our year.
January - lots of fun in the snow

February - lovebirds

March - time to move, our house is SOLD!

April - Easter time, all dressed up cuties

May - a trip to the circus was a highlight for all of us

June - hosted Spanish foreign exchange student "Edu" for 4 weeks

July - a month of travels; many weekend trips to Indianapolis and one longer trip to Wisconsin
August - celebrating birthdays, including my daughter's 6th birthday with her first ever themed, guest party (Princesses, of course)

September - a month for field trips - to the fire station and to a local train show

October - many hours of fun outside, playing in the leaves

November - portraits for my son's 2nd birthday

December - celebrating having a home big enough to host family for Christmas; also thankful for a new roof, new siding and many other projects we were able to accomplish in our first 9 months in this house!

We look forward to what 2010 will hold!


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