Deals around Town

I'm excited to report on some great deals we found in the last week.

My best deal was last week's 8x10 photo collage from Walgreens for free! I made a Christmas 2009 collage and it turned out great.

We also picked up free Starkist Tuna Pouches, Steamfresh frozen vegetables, Suave deodorant, and Oikos yogurt at Kroger this week.

At WalMart we got the above items for free: Stayfree pads, Kotex pads, Johnson's and Johnson's Q-tips, Band-Aids, toddler meal in a cup and 3-pack Ivory Soap.

I picked up two free packs of Mentos gum at CVS this week.

Kroger was also running some good deals on meat (not free, but the lowest price we see per pound around here), so we stocked up on ham and chicken - spending a little extra this month to save some money for the next couple months.
For Christmas we received a Seal-a-Meal machine, so here you can see how we turned one large package of chicken breasts into four smaller packages of cubed, seasoned and cooked chicken. These are very versatile and will make 4 meals.

If you want in on the "freebies" in your area, check out Money Saving Mom for all the details and deals.


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