Sibling relationships are so fluid. One moment they are best friends, playing and laughing together. The next moment, one storms off in a huff, spewing angry words at the other. 

Since I try not to take pictures and permanently record their angry "I hate you" moments... here are a few pictures of my kids, in those tender and precious and fleeting moments when they are happy together. :-)

My 8-year-old boy and toddler girl playing together at the playground. Two matching slides... perfect, as this toddler is a copycat, wanting to do everything the older kids do.

My youngest two a few weeks ago. I so love the current ponytail/pigtail phase the toddler girl is in!

Family portraits included a few sibling groupings. 
Big smiles from the middles! 

And big smiles from the oldest and youngest together. 
12 years separate these two.

And the youngest two again, watching Grandma R busily work in her garden.   

I think a big benefit of having a larger family is the multiplicity of relationships. So many different ages and stages can be difficult to keep up with. Yet, there is always a helping hand nearby. There is always someone to play with, read to, talk to, etc. A live-in friend. I love it! 
And I thank God for His plans for families! 
He knew what He was doing and it is good! 


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