My Boy at 9 Months


Time keeps chugging away and this not-so-little guy is turning 9 months old! 

Look at those chubby cheeks! 

He continues with his newly developed sleep pattern. Bed at 7 pm, up at 6 am, waking 2 times in the night to eat. He takes one morning nap of 45 minutes and then a longer afternoon nap of 2 hours. It took many months to get here, but the sleep routine is now established and I am THANKFUL!

Playing with his older brother. This month he has become more interesting in whatever the older kids are doing. He laughs at them and sometimes mimics their actions.

His hair looks so much lighter these days... especially compared to any photos over 2 months ago. And it almost has a hint of red in it. 

He's super active, but not yet crawling. He scoots and turns himself around on his butt. Here he was enjoying the johnny jumper.

So big, sitting in a chair for his portraits.

This month he has started consistently eating solids. He likes everything so far - carrots, green beans, fruit blends, etc. I let him get good and messy while eating, exploring the textures of the foods. Then he gets a bath afterwards. Works out great! 

Two more teeth popped out this month, bringing the total to four... with two more bulging, hoping to appear soon.

Happy 9 months, Mr. Man! 
We love you and are so glad God gave us the gift of you! 


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