We decided to do a garden this year, in a different way than ever before. We're trying square foot gardening.

So my husband built two boxes, both 8 x 4 feet. 
Grandma R used her truck to deliver a load of dirt. Everyone helped unload the dirt. 

What's more fun for kids than being asked to play in dirt?!

We have now planted cucumbers, green beans and sweet peas - all started from seeds. They are sprouting now. You'll see in the pictures that we have a soil mixture that includes vermiculite (the little white, snowball looking pieces) which helps with hydration. 

We also planted some starters of tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini and we filled the other spaces with flowers.

The advantages to square foot gardening include no-weeding! Though one disadvantage is the upfront cost for building the boxes and filling them with a good soil mixture (including compost, vermiculite, peat moss and black dirt).

So this is our big experiment for this year. 
We will keep you posted on the harvest!


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