Family Photo Friday


How can it be Friday already!? 
Here are a few photos from our week.

Last week my daughter had taken pictures of a nest-full of baby birds in our backyard. This week my hubby got a similar picture, including the mama bird.

Later in the week, the baby birds learned how to fly. One was in the grass, crying for help. The mama came, fed him some worms, and nudged him towards safety. Beautiful.

Speaking of birds, my daughter has taken our pet bird Weezy outside (in her cage) to enjoy the warm air. Weezy enjoys tweeting with her freedom-loving bird friends.

My son enjoys the guitar. He knows where it is and he's strong enough to get it out on his own. I walked in and found him playing the guitar on the couch. My musical boy.

We're preparing for a little getaway soon. My son was Mr. Prepared, giving the "thumbs up" sign to show his bag was packed and he was ready to go... at least 3 days in advance!

Happy weekend, y'all!


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