Old News: New to Us Van


I realized recently that I'd forgotten to mention on this blog that we made a rather large purchase about 6-8 weeks ago. We had saved up a good sum in our "savings / emergency fund" knowing that as some point we would need another or different vehicle. We'd lived with just one vehicle for over a year. And that one vehicle is 17 years old and quickly approaching 200,000 miles. My husband, however, is a self-taught master mechanic on that vehicle and takes wonderful care of it. 

For a few months, he'd been looking for a good deal on a second vehicle. He found this 2005 Kia Sedona mini-van at a great price so we bought it

It was just a few days later that we found out we were expecting, which added numerous doctor's appointments to our schedule. I think it was perfect timing that we had this second vehicle by that time. It makes my life less stressful, which exactly "what the doctors order" with a high-risk pregnancy. 

I'm thankful for working vehicles, for God's timing, for the wisdom of setting aside money for savings so that making a purchase like this doesn't have to be stressful or incur debt. 


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