Science is not my thing, but thankfully my husband loves to tinker and experiment. He has spent a good amount of time recently with my daughter, using a pen-size microscope to analyze anything from hair to feathers to wires to skin to paper. Truly fascinating to see these items close up! 

I'm also thankful that our homeschool curriculum provides fun science projects which my daughter enjoys. Recently we learned about Light and Color. One project involved making jello molds of concave, convex and flat lenses - then using those lenses to see how they affect what you see (you can read here about a similar experiment). Both my kids really enjoyed this science fun.

We have now begun a study about Magnetism. Again, I'm thankful that our curriculum (Sonlight) provides almost everything we need to do these fun hands-on activities to teach my kids basic science concepts, such as the magnetic properties of "like" and "opposite" poles. 

I also love that my 5-year-old son jumps in and learns alongside my 4th grade girl. Homeschooling is truly a family affair that involves each one of us!

Thankful to be a homeschooler, 
Mrs. R


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