Family Photo Friday


It's Friday again. Yeah! 
Here are a few pictures from our week. 

We have a new nephew - Traeson (rhymes with Jason) - who was born late last week. This is my youngest brother Brett with his family. Traeson was born with spina bifida and remains in the hospital until his condition is improved enough to go home. 

We obtained this game "What's in Ned's Head?" for free this week. It's a very gross game, which is great for young boys. Plays pull things out of Ned's head - things like dirty diapers, fake vomit, a waxy q-tip, etc. We gave it a test run as a family game. Even though it's gross, it was fun. 

Here's my boy working on writing his letters. 

And here he is again, with Daddy, read to read a favorite Dr. Seuss book.

And my girl being a crazy rock star. 

Happy weekend, y'all!   


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