A Unique Birthday Present


Long-time readers will recall that we have a neighbor named Sarah who has become a good friend to our family. Recently she turned 15. 

I recalled that many months ago she and I had been talking when she mentioned that she would like to someday get a pie smashed in her face. She's very fun and playful, so this didn't surprise me. 

I told her my story - that I used to work at Christian camp where counselors and staff sometimes got pies in the face as a fun part of a carnival-type party. So, I have indeed had the privilege.  (I'm in the pink shirt in the above picture, from 1997, just seconds before the pie landed on my face)

I also made a mental note to someday surprise Sarah with a pie in the face. 

The day has arrived. For her 15th birthday, we gave her a few small gifts. Then I asked her to close her eyes while I got another gift that was a surprise. When she opened her eyes, Wham-o!

What fun! She loved it. I loved doing it. 


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I love it. I want that to happen to me sometime.

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