Field Trip: HealthWorks Kids Museum


Last week my friend Leah came down from Southern Michigan for the day, with her crew (Ada - age 6, Gunnar - age 4, Waylon - age 2). Together we visited the HealthWorks kids museum in South Bend, IN. 

I learned that our local library has a museum pass for HealthWorks. We were able to check out that pass and use it to save $30 on admission! Yeah for public libraries! 

HealthWorks is a fun and interactive place for kids. Everything is hands-on, giving kids permission to touch and explore the various exhibits. There's a "treehouse" and slide for the kids to use to get some of that energy out. There's a life-sized Operation game to play to learn about bones and organs. Occasionally, the staff put on small demonstrations (kind of like science experiments) and there's a theatre that shows a brief movie on how the brain works.

There was a dress up area. My son, of course, went for the firefighter clothes and struck a pose. 

There's a kid-friendly climbing wall. 

There is a pretend dentist office, complete with scrubs to wear, an x-ray machine, and large toothbrushes and dentures to show patients the proper way to brush.

If you have young children and are looking for something fun and educational to do, check out HealthWorks. And to save a bundle, check out the library pass. Depending on your family size, you may just get in for free! 


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