Family Photo Friday

Friday is here again. This week seemed extra long for some reason - it felt like Friday should've arrived back on Wednesday! Now Friday is truly here, so I have a few pictures to share from our week

Last week my daughter got new appliances in her mouth - retainers. She's had an expander and a spacer for many months. Now they are out and the retainers are in.

I've been more intentional about "school" with my son lately - focusing on recognizing the letters of the alphabet and basic beginning reading skills. Here he's posing with a page of letters he wrote all by himself.

And here he's busy looking at a book. My heart is so happy to see my kids enjoying books. 

We've had some winter weather this week. The kids, of course, love playing in the snow. We have a perfect kid-sized snow hill in our backyard.

Happy weekend, y'all! 


Cody Zieba said...

Your daughter looks so confident with her retainers! She has such a charming smile! It definitely seems like wearing the retainers isn’t bothering her at all, which is good. I do hope you watch over her dental habits and make sure that she flosses after brushing her teeth to keep them clean and healthy!

Cody Zieba

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