Family Photo Friday


It's Friday! Yahoo! I will be having a little get-away this weekend which I'm really looking forward to. It's been years since I've taken more than 3 hours to get away by myself, to reflect, to just simply rest.   

When Friday rolls around, it means that I post pictures from our week. So here are a few snapshots into what this week held for my clan.

Here my son worked on his alphabet using ABC Stomp 
(26 foam footprints with one capital and small letter on each). Since it was so long, he wanted to see how he measured up. By the way, he now LOVES camo - his new favorite design for any item of clothing.

Here's my boy just being plain old silly and cute.

My girl has been doing some sewing at Grandma R's house. She is LOVING learning how to sew. This week she stitched "MOM" into this napkin-size fabric

And she created this apron by herself, no pattern. Grandma says that next week they'll work on making an apron by following a pattern. Good practice for a girl who wants to start making her own clothes and doll clothes.

My boy loves bath time. One of his favorite things is to ask for me to wash his hair and make it all crazy, like this. Funny boy. 

Happy Friday from our family to yours! 


Ethan and Moriah said...

I have a boy who loves camo too. Wish we could get them together! :o) The other day I said, "Look! I have your camo shirt to put on!" His reply: "No Mama. Those aren't camels, they're goats." Hmmmmm...

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