Looking Back, Looking Forward


I always spend time reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new, as I replace one calendar with another.

Last year, as I recounted the events of 2011, the word that seemed to summarize that year was LOSS. We lost my Grandma Nellie, who was very dear to me. We lost our first baby through miscarriage, leaving us completely heart-broken. And we laid down the ministry of foster parenting, realizing that it was not to be at this season of life. LOSS is how I remember that year. 

At the start of 2012, though, the word that came to me over and over was FRUIT. I wrote it down and wondered if that word would summarize our year, when it was all said and done. 

Now 2012 is over and indeed FRUIT was a great word for our year. We took on growing a garden and benefited tremendously from the produce that grew so abundantly. We were pregnant twice, ready to welcome new children into our family as the fruit of my womb. We all grew in ways that are keeping with God's fruit in our lives - growing in patience, in persevering through trials, in love for others. FRUIT was a very appropriate word for 2012 and I can't take credit for it - it was given to me before the year began and I believe it was from God. 

For 2013, I can't say that I feel impressed by any particular word. I wonder about the words GROWTH and DISCIPLINE. I sense a need for more discipline in my life. Life passes quickly and I want to live an intentional, purposeful existence. I want to show my discipline in my routines and grow more, mature more. We'll see how things end up at the end of another 12 months. 

Do you have any words that are challenging you this year?


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